Dholpur Sightseeing By Car

Dholpur is the smallest city of Rajasthan situated on the bank of Chambal river, Dholpur is famous for Ram Sagar lake and Ram Sagar sanctuary which supports aquatic life like fish, crocodile snakes and different water birds. National wildlife sanctuary where dolphins, mugger gharial are found and nestled. A large number of Siberian birds are seen here. Chambal boat safari is a famous attraction among tourists. Dholpur is a very rich city because of natural mining, more than 80 mining sites exist in this city. Dholpur is also famous all over India for red stone. Damoh waterfall and Chambal water Safari attract tourists. Muchkund Deep lake surrounded by different beautiful temples is a holy place for devotees who take sacred baths on the eve of the famous Dholpur Fair. Scenic spots of Dholpur: Talab Shahi Garden Sher Garh Fort Ramsagar Lake Machkund Temple