Driver In Dungarpur

Dungarpur the city developed in the thirteenth century. There are two rivers Mahi and Som flowing across the city. This city is also known as green marvel city. The green marvel palace is structured in an ancient style of kingship where a tale of kings and their bravery imboses on the stones. Garib Sagar lake of Dholpur is so scenic that people become mesmerized to capture it in their heart. The fort is covered with many temples, and the lake is the symbol of historic cultural and spiritual symbol consequently. The seven storied building of Juna Fort is the best example of a rare structure of ancient architecture without any modern technique where use of green rocks make it an outstanding structure. There is a Shiv temple on the top of the mountain surrounded by hills where the annual big fair hosted by the fort is also the center of attraction among tourists. Scenic spots of Dungarpur: Badal Mahal Somnath Temple Vijay Rajeshwar Temple Gud Mandap