Private Driver In Ranakpur

Ranakpur stands with the mesmerizing beauty of the Aravali Range. Aravali ranges, mountains, hills, waterfalls and natural greenery, lakes,huge temples make this village so beautiful that travelers give the name of Ranakpur spiritual oasis to Aravali. The safari of Ranakpur is very exciting and adventurous. Ranakpu leopard jeep safari is also very famous. The main attraction is the Ranakpur fort of 45000 Acres campuses, where Jain and Hindu temples are made by the kings.
Many temples dedicated to Jain tirthankara are there. Ranakpur is in the middle of Jaipur and Udaipur, therefore it is very easy for tourists to reach. Ranakpur is famous for its largest Jain Temple dedicated to Parshwanath. Ancient sculpture art of the 15th century and architect with 1400 pillars. Each pillar has a different structure which changes its color according to sunlight. This temple covers many beautiful temples around the campus. Artificial deep wells from which the social need of water depends which make this village rich and special.
Most scenic spots: Jain Temple Complex Ranakpur Dam Ranakpur Wildlife Sanctuary Aravalli Range